Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled or stuck?

Cari Denham


Forward Transitions Counseling…A place of growth, hope, and lasting positive change.

What is therapy?


Therapy is a collaborative process in which the therapist and client discuss a myriad of issues, events, experiences and memories. Therapy can provide an opportunity to better, and more deeply understand oneself, and the issues or challenges you may be experiencing.

What to expect.


Achieving a greater understanding of your current obstacles, how your past is impacting your present, and taking the time to reflect and prepare for the future allows you to have a game plan in place when your trail becomes steep or unclear.

Take your life back.


Taking back control of your life by making your own decisions and your own choices is essential to recovery. It will help you to feel better about yourself and may even help you to relieve some of the symptoms that have been troubling to you.


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